Architect Employment / Placement in Architecture Jobs

Job opportunities in Architecture are appealing, worthwhile, and have lots of potential regarding improvement. The compositional degree is structured in such a way, that it satisfies the instructive segment of expert confirming bodies.

Architecture is the art or we can say science of planning, designing, and constructing buildings and other physical structures.

You can become an Architect after completing B.Arch education. Architects are the actual creators of amazing buildings and structures that exist in our surroundings.
This field covers various works, for example, spatial plan, wellbeing the executives, style, material administration, and so forth.

Placement Companies:-

  1. Design Group,Delhi.
  2. Studio India, Gurgaon.
  3. 4D Studio , Gurgaon.
  4. G.M.Arch Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon.
  5. Space Combine, New Delhi.
  6. Arch International, Canada.
  7. Planners Forum , Chandigarh.
  8. Omaxe, Faridabad.
  9. Jaiswal & Associates, Noida.
  10. Morfogenesis, Noida.
  11. ABD Consultants Chandigarh.
  12. Space Creators  Shimla .
  13. Design Innovation Gudgaon.
  14. StudioTrijya Design Dehadun.
  15. Parry Associates Mahali.
  16. Nirman Consultants .
  17. Roorkee  Creative Consortium Panchkula .