Terms And Conditions:-

1. Non Liability prospectus/Admission form and all other Admission Correspondence will be sent by post/courier Forth Dimension College of Architecture is not responsible for postal/courler delays or loss in transit.

2. Non refund of fees. All Fees once paid are not refundable for any whatsoever. Only Security Deposit will be refunded after making necessary adjustments as required.

3.1 (a) Cancellation of admission. FDCA reserve the right to cancel the admission of admitted Candidates. The fees is not deposited by the stipulated date.

(b) The candidate does not join the particular programme by the stipulated date even though the fees has been deposited.

(c) The candidate fails to furnish the proof of stipulated minimum qualification.

3.2 Provision of non-refund of fees under clause 2 will also apply cases under clauses 3.1(a)&3.1(b)

4. Right to allocation modification to change the fees structure.

5.Jurisdiction: all disputes are subjects to saharanpur Jurisdiction only.

6. Attendance: All Students have to fulfill the attendance criteria 80% fixed by the institute.

7. FDCA reserves the right to ask the student to withdraw from or the programme If any discrepancy is found in the information furnished in their admission from or the students or the performance does, not meet the instituted valued and academic standard as set forth by the institutes management from tieme to time and academic from or the student would be forfeited.

8. The Student has to abide by rules genral discipline, dress code and norms or conduct of the FDCA during the programme.

9. Dress Code: The student has to follow proper dress code of FDCA to maintain discipline.

10.Candidates are required to read the prospectus throughly.

11. After Joining the course each student has to follow conduct rules as framed by forth dimension college of architecture.

12. Forth Dimension College of Architecture will have right to use student’s name & photographs for advertisement purpose.

13. No student after the admisssion will be allowed to undertake any illegal activity such as strike/agitation & ragging etc. Which may provide to be determental to the prestige of FDCA.

14. The rules can be altered or modified at the discretion of the director as required from time to time.

15. FDCA reserved the right to refuse admission to any applicant without assigning any reason.

16. Agreement Clause: All Successful candidates shall be bount to the above mentioned terms and conditions of FDCA and U.P. Technical University Lucknow(U.P)