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Secretary Message

We at forth dimension college of architecture (FDCA) work with missionery zeal and Recognize the importance of quality in producing architect. In the present global order Competition is a buzzword.

In the era of cut throat competition. Charles Darwin’s theory “survival of the fittest” applies without any reservation to one and all it is only the very best Cream which will survive. With our vision we have been making strenuous effort to provide all The necessary logistical support to our student,so that they broaden their horizon and deepen Their insight about the fascinating world of engineering.

So I invite you to this temple of Learning where all your aspiration and expectation would be met to your satisfaction. Iam sure That the institution with its progressive management and an experienced result oriented faculty Serves as a perfect launch pad for aspirants to achieve his or her cherished goal. I assure the Aspirants my full support in this endeavour and wish them a bright career ahead.

Surya kant singh